11 kidnapped in 4 month in Baishari at Bandarban


Staff Correspondent:

11  kidnap occurred in 4 months in Baishari Union in Naikhangchari at Myanmar border. These incidents boosted fear in local community. Robbery, another incident, local people are afraid of the mentioned Union at Bandarban. The number of mugging reached 13.

Kidnap is now common in Baishari. In every week kidnap happen under the darkness of political influence, residents informed. Local people stayed on the ball at night eliminating kidnap and robbery but failed.

Earlier Monday, 7/8 armed criminals were entered into a rubber resort staff quarter of Ms. Nazma Khatu at on and off 2 at midnight. They kidnapped Mr. Rashid Ahmad (39) performing Imam. After occurring, one of the members of kidnapper called resort manager Mr. Al Amin demanding BDT. 200,000 (2 hundred thousand) as ransom. Mr. Rashid was not rescued while the report was writing.

However, local police guessed, Rashid supposed to be kidnapped by ‘Sopu Dakat’ of Cox’s Bazaar. Mentioned criminals occurring robbery, kidnapping and murder also in Ramu, Ukhiya at Cox’s Bazaar and Naingkhachhori, Lama at Bandarban. Naingkhachhori Baishari Police in charge SI Anisur Rahman ensured that police continue to rescue Mr. Rashid.

According to local police and community, Jalal Uddin (30) and Abdul Kader (28) kidnapped on 12 August at 1 at midnight. 10 to 15 armed terrorist were got into the house breaking the main door at Boroichor. Headman of Mouja at Eidgorh, Thoyai Hla Marma said, after sending the 80 thousand as ransom, kidnapped two were released to Khutapara Hill.

UP chaiaperson Monirul Haq said, we cannot sleep because of kidnapping one after another. It urged immediate step to stop these incident. Powerful leaders of ruling party also involved with these terrorists. Rohinga came from Myanmar are also involved with this occurrence. The proactive police officials are transferred from Baishari immediately after they are taking action against terrorists group, locals accused.

However, Naingkhachhori Police In-Charge Rafiqul Islam said, Baishari is beside the Myanmar border and Cox’s Bazaar. Terrorists can hide easily after occurring crimes. Hiding somewhere except the occurring area is very difficult to trace them out.



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