122 Metric ton fish collected from Kaptai Lake in a day : Revenue earning increased

kaptai lake

Staff Correspondent, Rangamati:

Due to prohibit fishing for three and half months, 122 metric ton fish was caught by fishermen in a day from Kaptai Lake in Rangamati.  And government earned revenue near 12 Lac (1,200,000) million taka.

Fishermen informed, these huge number of fishes never gathered before from Kaptai lake in a single day. For last three and half month it was completely prohibited fishing in Kaptai Lake for safe breeding and reproduction. After three and half month of ban, Wednesday at midnight, lake reopened for fishing. During Thursday at mid night, 122 metric ton fished caught which helped government to earn revenue near 1.2 million in a day.

BFDC source said, revenue earned in 6 categories from fishes caught by this time. Big Carp fish was one the category government earned.

A business person said, last few years, government reopened lake within three months for several reasons.

However in this year water flow of the lake was comparatively slower so that government decided to close the lake for additional fifteen days more.

President of Fisheries Association of Rangamati Shah Alam said, tiny fish were caught huge at day one. Comparatively bigger could not be trapped. He was little confused that the liveliness of fishermen might not last for year long as it was in first day of fishing.

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