28 Rounds ammunition with arms seized: 5 persons arrested

Wadud claimed the killing mission sent to kill him



Staff  Reporter, Khagrachari:


Informed by the source, Military, Police and Ansar jointly conducted the operation and arrested 5 persons with gun and ammunition in Tuesday at 5 in the evening. They were accused as ‘killing mission member’.


[dropcap font=”times” fontsize=”30″]T[/dropcap]he five arrested are Md. Shahidur Rahman (34) (Fathe: Md. Abdur Rahman Mondol), Md. Kamruzzaman (36) (father: Md. Abdul Hakim), Md. Mehedi Hasan (43) (father: Late Shamsul Haque), Md. Golam Mawla Majumdar (44) (father: Md. Aman Ullah Majumdar). Md. Amzad Hossain (30) (father: Habibur Rahman). Three are residence of Dhaka, two are Feni.

Source said, suspects were reached to Khagrachhori from Dhaka in Saturday by motor bike. Police number-plates’ were their camouflage. On Tuesday, when suspects were on the way to Manikchari, Detective of Ansar, Tawhidul Islam and Rafiquzzan found them and asked their ID. Their suspicious attitude made detectives curious. Detectives with joint force conducted the operation.

Arrested five carried a 2.2 revolver, SMIT WELTON 1801, manufactured in America, and 28 round ammunitions. Md. Shahidul Islma an income tax officer’s son was the licensed owned of the revolver. Police confirmed the statement.

They were visiting Ramghar at their friend’s house stated in interrogation. Nothing but to make holiday in Khagrachari was their main objective, said in Police interrogation. Police is trying to recover more information though interrogation. Enforcement is preparing to file a case.

Controversy, District BNP of Khagrachari accused that to kill Wadud Bhuyan, opposition hiring these killers. Mentioning that, Wadud were in Khagrachari after a long absence due to opposite party’s blockage against Wadud in the district. Khagrachari is his election area as well.

Wadud Bhuyaan also uploaded his status on facebook (Wadud Bhuiyan Cht), ‘These professional killers were in Khagrachari due to kill him. I stayed on my Election Area ignoring the administrative and ruling party’s stumbling block which is not accepted to my opposites.’ He also stated in his facebook status, discharged by High Court on 24 May 2009, terrorist shot him though saved for the sake of Allah.

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