5 killed & huge arms and ammunition recovered during the fierce gun-battle between BD Army and UPDF terrorist


Staff Reporter:

5 reformist JSS armed cadres popularly known as “terrorists” were killed in the fierce gun-battle with the armed forces at Baghaichari in Rangamati on Saturday morning.  1 machine gun, 1 sub machine gun, 2 Chinese rifles, 3 short light rifles, 1 US made pistol alongside huge ammunition were recovered from the spot. A army corporal was wounded during the gun-battle and he was sent to CMH-Dhaka by helicopter.

Sources said on Friday night, on secret information about assembling the armed terrorists, the troops along with the combined forces led by Baghaichari zone Commander Lt Colonel Haidar advanced to Baghaichari’s Baradam area and escorted them early in the morning before disbursal to carry their operations.

According to sources, a large group of terrorists on UPDF armed terrorists were preparing to carry on a large-scale operation to different targets what they set earlier.

With the morning light stung by a member of the terrorist forces opened fire on troops to see their strength. In the meantime, the army retaliated. 5 people were killed on the spot. Meanwhile, the allied forces were able to detain 3 terrorists.

According to sources, the combined forces seized army and the police personnel’s dress and equipment from them. Joint forces captured the 26 rounds of MG bullets 120 rounds of rifle bullets, 84 rounds SMG bullets, 145 rounds  SLR’s bullets, 94 rounds point-to-bore bullets, rifle shooting, and pistol shooting 7 rounds.

Baghaichharhi zone commander Lt.Col. Hayadar told parbattanews.com that the terrorists took shelter at the residence of a local, Binoy Jyoti Chakma and were preparing to go on operation to different areas. They began to use civilians as human shield, but the joint forces carefully isolated them for saving the lives of the civilians. Terrorists were 20 in number, but the others managed to escape. Baghaichari police chief Zakir Hossain Fakir confirmed the news.

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