5 projects amounted 15 Crore inaugurated by CHT secretary


Staff Correspondent:

Secretary of CHT Affairs Ministry and Chairperson of CHT Development Board Naba-Bikram Kishor Tripura inaugurated 5 project amounted 15 Crore among the whole development Rangamati District.

The Projects are; Rangamati Pulic College amount 5.74 Lac, Shah Bohumukhi High School amounted 5.10 crore, Three-storied rest room of Ranagamati Development Board and 3.25 Crore for establishing of Monghar Shishu Sadan Academy Building.

Naba-bikram said in the meeting, Peace Accord is signed because of establishing Peace in CHT. However, peace is not fully executed in CHT and to establish peace in CHT, government works very hard. It is to mention that government has already executed 48 Clauses out if 72 of Peace Accord. Under this context government have ordered to execute 29 issues to Divisions ad Districts. 3 and 4 are is now under construction. About the projects, Naba-Bikram said, after finished the project, living standard will be raised in CHT.

He also informed, a representative of World Bank will visit CHT very soon. There is a high possibility that WB will develop Thogamukh land port which will take a great opportunity for CHT people to increase their business and other financial transaction. It will improvise the living standard of ‘Indigenous’ Community as well.

Mostafa Kamal, District Councilor of Rangamati, Arun Kanti Ghos Vice-chairperson of Rangamati Development Board, A tribal renowned poet Anamika Tripura, Chairperson of Rangamati Sadar Upazilla Tprun Kanti Chakma and more were attended the gathering.

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