7 players injured by ‘Chander Garee’ clash at Panchhori

road accident


Panchhori Correspondent:


A careless ‘Chander Gari’ made an amazing football tournament melancholic in a wink at Khagrachhori’s Panchhari Union. This was happened Thursday at evening in Kanungo para, Panchhori.

Islamia Madrasa is defeated by 2-0 goal at 43th summer school and madrasa football tournament. After the event, winner celebrating on auto-rickshaw whic demolished by the offhanded chander garee. 7 players injured in the incident.

Injured are Tothomoni Chakma of grade x, Sajib Chakma and Piplu Chakma, of grade ix and Jewel Chakma, Sushil Chakma and Suvaston Chakma of grade iix. All injured are student of Pujgaomukh High school. Panchhori Health Complex physician sent three of them to Khagrachhori Sadar Hospital immediately after first aid. Driver fled without delaying after the incident occurred.

However the very unfortunate was injured players’ treatment accomplished by mobile light because of load shedding. It was also depressing that no candle, ceresin light or generator being taken out or activated after passing one hour which generated  dissatisfaction in sufferers.

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