A hill daughter fell on love to a Bengali youth, left home, confessed at police


Ramgarh Correspondent:

Once seemed missing now seems not missing, willingly she went to her lover’s residence. Bappi Rani Tripura (16), after 19 days of her mysterious missing, on Saturday came to Bhuzpur  police station of Fatickchari Upazilla under Khagrachari and said she neither abducted nor anybody had taken her forcedly She fell into some Anwar, a Bengali youth and left home for his attraction, she acknowledged to the police personnel. She informed this to all especially her community people but in spite this, the leaders of her community lodged a abduction case against some unknown persons to the police station. Leaders of Hill Students Council and Tripura Students Forum did this, she added. On the contrary, Bappi Tripura appeared before Chittagong Chief Judicial Magistrate Court on Sunday and denied to her parents home. The Court ordered to send her safe custody.

Sources told parbattanews correspondent that police on Friday night brought female UP member Rahima Begum, mother of the lover Anwar and pressed her to produce Bappi Tripura before them.According to her given information, ploce later carried on a search operation at Gazaria village under Baganbazar union and arrested Anwar’s friend Jahirul Alam son of Siraj Sardar.

On hearing the news, Bappi Tripura came to the light and decided to go to Bhuzpur police station. According her confession statement to the police, she was spending time at a relative’s home at Langdu under Rangamati district. She appeared police station at night 10.30 on Saturday. Bappi is the SSC examinee and this year she appeared at the examination centre of local Narayanhat School. Mouchang Roy Tripura’s daughter, Bappi Tripura went missing on February 25 from her village home Thamarkhil under Narayanhat Union of Bhuzpur Police Station. She had long relations of love affair with local Bangale youth Anwar. Bappi’s brother Babul Tripura is his friend and he and her brother both once joined to BGB and the both friends came to her home and met with Bappi. Once he purchased cell phone for her. On the very day of mysterious missing, Bappi in the evening went out to home for attending to tuition and not returned home. After missing of 6 days, on March 2, the leaders of above-mentioned organization came to Bappi’s parent’s home and advised them to lodge a abduction case with the police station.

UP member Rahima Begum said her son has no relation with Bappi and police harassed them and went on false propaganda that harms her prestige of family members. Anwar was out of cell phone reach while the report was writing. So the parbattanews correspondent was not able to collect his comment.

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