A UPDF activist abducted by Santu’s armed men in Rangamati Barakal


Fatema Jannat Mumu:

An activist of United People’s Democratic Front UPDF was abducted by Santu Larma’s activists in Rangamati on Wednesday morning, alleged Sachal Chakma, a UPDF organizer. In a statement signed by Prajit Chakma, Sachal alleged this. The abducted person is identified as Chaiya Chakma. He is the inhabitant of Bhurbalya village; his father’s name is Bhudihulo Chakma.

Sources said, the incident occurred at 7 am at the village while a group of armed members of JSS invaded him at Barakal upzilla’s Bandukbhanga union and took him away at the gun-point from hi village home. From that time Chaiya Chakma went on missing.

UPDF leader alleged more that Santu Larma’s policy is working only his own interest not for the regional mattress and also working in favor of the government.He urges the Santu Group to join UPDF stopping terrorist activities, and kidnapping and shunning the brokers and destructive politics.Moreover, he demanded unconditional and unharmed release of Chaiya Chakma.
Solidarity Association’s spokesman Sajib Chakma denied the incident saying it is fabricated.

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