Abducted College student rescued from Cox’s Bazaar


Staff Reporter, Coxs Bazaar


Sarwar (25) was rescued by locales. He was kidnapped at 11pm on Monday in front of Hashemiya Aliya Madrasa. He is son of Ahmmad Sharif of Alir Jahal Gorur Halda area.

10 round bullets were charged while he was kidnapped, bystanders said. Student’s relatives said, a group of terrorists came by bus and took him at gun-point. However, he was saved by police and locales safe and sound. Sue against the terrorists by Sarwar’s family is under process.

No causality or arrest is occurred. But panicked people were closed their businesses after hearing the echo of bullet charged. Police’s presence after one hour made the situation normal.

In-charge (OC) Mahfuzur Rahman of Cox’s Bazaar Model Thana said, Sarwar’s family claimed it as kinap, police being started investigation on the incedent.


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