AL Govt’s get down within two to three months- Wadud Bhuiyan


Mujibur Rahman Bhuiyan:

Addressing this government illegal, former chairperson of Chittagong Development Board (CDB) and former Member of Parliament, Wadud Bhuiyan told, this government will fall within two to three months. And within six months, Begum Khaleda Zia will form a government. Then there will be no escape for them. To motivate the grassroots level BNP activists and engaging public in the movement against the government, Mr. Bhuiyan said that on Sunday at the gathering in Khagrachari in his chief guest’s speech.

Thousands of grassroots activists welcomed the former MP. It was a huge gathering. Bhuiyan indicated the last election as a mockery and stated that, this government is passing their last few breaths. He said, “This govt.’s accomplice Congress was bidden farewell by the Indian people. Congress was the base of Awami League government. And a friend of Congress cannot be the friend of BJP. Congress is gone, now its Awami League’s turns.”

“This govt. harassed by filing different cases against me to part me from Khagrachari. They do not let me to visit my area.” He accused. He emphasized on the matter that he does not want to stay away from the people. He said, if there is any intention to arrest me, people will not sit behind.

Probin Kumar Chakma, Senior Vice-president of Khagrachari District BNP was also present at the meeting. General Secretary of Khagrachari District BNP and Matiranga Municipality Mayor Md. Abu Eusuf also attended the meeting.

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