An illegal arms trader with LG and bullets arrested in Guimara, Khagrachari


Staff Reporter:

Joint forces at Fuimara in Khagrachari, arrested a arms-trader with a live home-made Light Gun along two rounds of bullets. He is identified as Mahbub Alam (50), the sources of security forced informed.

Having informed, a patrol team of joint forces led  by Seargent  Abdul Hoque rushed to the house of the arms trader at Barapilake and searched out Mahbub from ceiling where he was hiding himself. Mahboob was arrested and the above mentioned arm and amunition were recovered.

Later, the Seargent handed over him, arm and ammunition to Guimara police station, two case were filed against him. One is possession of illegal weapon case and another is under the speedy trial case. He has close relationship with the UPDF and JSS terrorists. He used to sell illegal arms and ammunition to hill terrorist to kill the Bengali citizens living in hill districts. Grabbing lands is his main occupation. Extortion is his additional function.

He usually threatened gentle people for realizing levy. He usually grabbed lands from Bengali people and sold it to the terrorist hill people. That is why it never can be recovered. And in this way, he becomes the most-talked terrorist in the regions.

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