Army distributes Eid gifts in Panchhari


In a heartwarming act of generosity, the Panchhari Sub-Zone of the Bangladesh Army has undertaken the distribution of Eid gift items to more than a hundred residents of Panchhari Upazila in the Khagrachhari hill district.

The distribution took place at 11 am, with Major Sharif Ahmed, commander of the Panchhari Sub-Zone, overseeing the distribution.

Major Ahmed remarked, “This effort is aimed at spreading the joy of Ramadan and Eid among our community. Our primary goal is to amplify the happiness of Eid, ensuring it reaches every household.

“We extend our advance Eid greetings to all families and are committed to continuing this tradition in the coming years.”

The recipients were visibly delighted and expressed their thanks to the Sub-Zone for their generosity.

The Sub-Zone has also been providing daily iftar meals to underprivileged individuals in the area since the beginning of Ramadan.

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