Army starts search operation in quest of illegal arms in CHT


Staff correspondent:

Army stationed in Chittagong Hill Tracts, CHT are preparing to starts search operation in quest of illegal arms in the 3 hill districts. To uprooted illegal levy raising, stopping insurgencies and recovery of illegal arms and ammunition, led by army personnel joint forces basically conduct the drive.

Bandarban Sadar Zone commander Lt Colonel Nazmul Haque told this on Monday while he was exchanging views among the local politicians, representatives and leaders of business community in Bandarban. “The insurgents at gun points began rampant raising levy and amassing illegal weapons at Bandarban and Boangchari. We must bring them to book,” he said. The public security is facing to question due to their illegal activities. Meanwhile the terrorists began to deteriorate the situation prevailing in the hill areas. He added that the armed forces are strong enough to fight against the evil forces. The combined forces are pledged bound to restore peace in the region within 24 hours. The army commander said he already issued order to the chiefs of all army camps for starting additional patrol in the region.

He argued those who resist installing army camps in this region are virtually involved in this or that way with insurgencies. The personalities those who enjoy government facilities and carrying national flag at their cars and issuing threat of non-cooperation movement in the hill districts are engaged undermining the peace and tranquility in this area.

“Government shall take action against these persons,” the participants urged. Participants told that the activists of hill organizations are engaged to the incidents of abduction, raising illegal levies, and involved gun-battle also. They requested army to conduct a massive anti fire-arms drive in the CHT. Local sources said that the terrorists are rampantly raising money ranging taka 5 to 8 thousands each vehicle, taka 4 lakh to 5 lakh from owners of brick field, 6% to 7% from officials involved in public development activities, and taka 35 per feet from the owner of wood limb and taka 25 thousands from each wood traders.

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