Assistant professor seeks life security in Matiranga


[dropcap font=”arial” fontsize=”50″]A[/dropcap]n ssistant Professor of Matiranga Degree College under Matiranga upazila in Khagrachhari district has been seeking life security from concerned authority as some Jamaat-BNP backed teachers of same institution threatened him to kill.

The Assistant Professor was identified as Dipak Kanti Chakma of General History Department. Dipak was threatened by Jamaat backed Principal Abul Hossain, BNP backed teacher Nurul Absar and clerk Md he had denied signing on recommendation papers of Political Science Lecturer Nurul Absar, who would send the papers to higher authority for time scale.

Dipak Kanti Chakma, who is also a teacher’s representative of college managing committee, alleged Mohammad Nurul Absar, who was recruited as a lecturer of political science on February 24, 2005 has no valid certificates. Nurul Absar got appointment managing Jamaat backed Principal Abul Hossain and the then BNP backed Managing Committee instead of bribes.

There were no appointment advertisement published or appointment board formed for appointed him (Absar) as lecturer, he alleged.

I have already submitted application to the chairman of college managing committee and asked them to verify his certificates and ensure my security, Dipak added.

When talked with the correspondent Nurul Absar denied giving threatened to Dipak Kanti Chakma but admitted that clerk Md Farid threatened Dipak, he said.

Replying another quarry Nurul Absar said his appointment process was fully legal, added. Nurul Absar however raise counter allegation that Dipak Chakma himself given threatened him for killing.

Talked with the correspondent Matiranga Degree College Managing Committee President Md Shamsul Hoque admitted that Dipak Chakma submitted an allegation against three including Principal Abul Hossain.

In his allegation Dipak also mentioned BNP backed teacher Nurul Absar got appointment submitting false certificates.

We (Managing Committee) would sit on tomorrow (Sunday) and discuss about matters as usual as verify the certificates, Shamsul Hoque added.



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