Bandarban Army Region provides aid to over a hundred families


More than a hundred families in need received humanitarian aid from the Bandarban Army Region, as part of an initiative overseen by Brigadier General Golam Mohiuddin of the 69th Infantry Brigade. The aid distribution, focusing on the underprivileged and impoverished, took place on Monday afternoon (December 11) at the Baklai Army Camp.

Brigadier General Mohiuddin emphasised the army’s commitment to maintaining peace and fostering development, alongside their continuous efforts to provide humanitarian assistance, particularly to impoverished families and students.

The initiative, launched under the ‘Peace, Harmony, Development’ slogan, was conducted by the 16th East Bengal of the Army. It involved distributing winter clothing and other necessities to families residing in areas under the jurisdiction of the Baklai Camp, including Basingrang Tripura Para, Baklai Bom Para, Kungla Mro Para, and Kaitong Mro Para. Each family received two blankets. Furthermore, Basingrang Tripura Para residents were also gifted 20,000 Taka for Holy Christmas celebrations, alongside items like footballs, jerseys, and other materials for cultural activities.

Officials present at the event included Lieutenant Colonel Sardar Julkar Nain, Major Md. Shayekh Uz Zaman, Major Mahbubullah Sadi, Captain Salman Mehedi Angon, and Warrant Officer Subeda Rifat.

Earlier, under the supervision of Lt. Col. Md. Taimur Hasan Khan of the BGB Bolipara 38 Battalion, aid was also distributed to students at local schools, including Bagan Para, Sakhoy Mro Commander Para, and Menroa Haitong Para. The students received educational supplies, and additional funds and a sound system box were provided for Christmas celebrations and cultural activities in Bagan Para.

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