Bandarban Sonali Bank halts operations after robbery, high alert in two districts


Sonali Bank has temporarily halted transactions at six of its branches in Bandarban following a robbery. The suspension, effective from Wednesday afternoon, was confirmed by Saiful Aziz, GM (South) of Sonali Bank.

The robbery involved 30-40 individuals using two vehicles. In response, branches in the hill districts of Rangamati and Khagrachhari are now operating under heightened security, aided by law enforcement.

A robbery at Sonali and Krishi Banks in Thanchi occurred at 1 pm on Wednesday, following a similar incident at Sonali Bank in Ruma on Tuesday night, where a group looted cash and weapons.

Md. Osman Gani, AGM of Sonali Bank in Bandarban, said that armed individuals fired shots and created panic at Thanchi market around 12:15 pm Wednesday.

Thanchi’s UNO, Md. Mamun, noted that approximately 15 lakh taka was stolen from Sonali Bank, with the loss from Krishi Bank still to be determined.

Victim Arman, a customer, recounted being inside during the robbery, where he was robbed of all his money and mobile phone at gunpoint.

Home Minister Asaduzzaman Khan Kamal indicated the Kuki-Chin group’s involvement in these robberies.

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