Bangladesh seeks OIC’s help to continue Rohingya genocide case


Bangladesh Ambassador to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Permanent Representative to the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) Mohammad Javed Patwari has sought the help of OIC member states to continue the Rohingya genocide case lodged by Gambia at the International Court of Justice (ICJ).

Javed sought help at the ad-hoc meeting of OIC ministers on Myanmar’s accountability for violating the human rights of Rohingyas, held in Jeddah on Thursday (Nov 10, 2022).

“Bangladesh has already provided $0.5 million to the volunteer fund to continue the Rohingya genocide case at ICJ and is about to provide $0.2 million more in the coming days. Besides, we’ve built new infrastructure at Bhasan Char for the Rohingya people at a cost of $350 million, which has been allocated from our own fund,” Javed said.

Javed added that Bangladesh needs the help of OIC countries as the assistance received till now is much less than the required amount.

“The solution to the Rohingya problem through the ICJ is a long-term process and we need to carry on our activities to this end intensively. It’s a question of providing justice to an uprooted people who have been deprived of their ethnic existence. That’s why all of us need to show solidarity, support and provide assistance to the ICJ case,” Javed added.

During the meeting, the ambassador praised the voluntary contributions and pledges made by some OIC countries and thanked Gambia’s representatives at the ICJ along with OIC Secretariat and member states for lodging the case against Myanmar.

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