BDT. 1.5 lac looted from Nainkhachari Buddhist Monk

naikhangchari upazila

Nainkhachari Correspondent:

BDT. 150,000, cell phone of Monk principal and clothing were looted from Ichchhasohi Buddhist Monk at Bichhamara in Nainkhachari. Principal Vadanta Boiddo Vanto was badly beaten by the looters. Terrorists were armed during the robbery.

Ward member of Bichhamara (2 No. ward) Rabinson Barua said, on 20 September at 1 in midnight, 7 to 8 armed men entered into the monk and searching for money. They asked principal of the monk Vadanta Boiddo about money. When principal denied giving money to them, they had beaten and stabbed him. They took the amount (BDT. 150,000) as well as principal’s clothing, cell phone and other necessary equipment of monk. Dr. Nur examined principal 8 at morning.

In-charge Rafiqul Islam visited the place immediately along with several police officers after noticed by Ward member and had taken prompt action. From their long operation starting from 2 am and ending at 4 in the afternoon they have captured 4 suspects. They are Shamsul Alam (18), Abul Kashem Prokash Kala Boda (35), Nurul Hakim (40) and Nur Hossain (32). Police confirmed the news and assured that they would not stop until they find out the money and mobile.

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