Beheaded face and abscised left hand found beside Bankkhali River


Soyeb Saeed, Ramu (Cox’s Bazaar)

Abscised left hand found from Bankkhali river side on Sunday at Banglabazaar of Cox’s Bazaar Sadar Upazilla. Immediately before the incident, a beheaded face was found on Saturday from a channel near PMkhali Chankhola of Cox’s Bazaar Sadar Upazilla.

Parts of the body have almost distorted though the family member of Md Hasan, who has been missing since 23 September, claimed those Hasan’s parts of body.  Md. Hasan (Father: Zaker Ahmed) was 27 year old young businessperson who lived in Mandalpara of Fatekhanrkul at Ramu in Cox’s Bazaar Sadar Upazilla. His cell phone was switched off from the day he was missing.

Hasan’s sibling Md. Ismail said, to migrate to Saudi Arabia, Hasan was trying to collect money from different sources, selling or chattel mortgage of gold are one of them. He went for chattel mortgage of 2.5 Vori gold ornaments on 23 September but did not come back. The beheaded face and abscised left hand supposed to be his unlucky younger brother’s, Ismail said. Relatives of Md. Hasan believed, an organized group of outlaw can do this for the money or valuables. They assumed, this cruel murder had done in Ramu.



Although Hasan’s family not filed any general diary (GD) or any other legal action they needed to do after his (Hasan) missing, police of Ramu has arrested a suspect name Rabi (24) and sent him to court. Cox’s Bazaar Sadar Model Police Station SI Shah Alam was informed by locales and collected the parts of body. These two parts have already sent to Chittagong for DNA test to identify the body, SI said. He also informed, police being worked to find out the other abscised parts of the body.

This butchered outlook put an anxiety at Ramu in Cox’s Bazaar. The locales have organized human-chain against the inhuman activity on Monday morning at Chaumohoni Station. They urged investigation to find out the reason of murder and murderer and demanded a remarkable punishment that no other can even think to do the same.

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