BGP members sheltering in Bangladesh hit 106 amid ongoing Myanmar conflict


The conflict within Myanmar has led to an unceasing barrage of artillery fire across the border, instilling widespread panic among residents in the vicinity.

In the face of relentless rebel assaults, an additional 11 members of the Myanmar’s Border Guard Police (BGP) have sought sanctuary in Bangladesh, raising the total count of BGP refugees to 106.

“The border tension, which began a few days back, remains unresolved,” stated Abu Salam Chowdhury, Deputy Commander of Cox’s Bazar RAB 15, emphasizing the collaborative response from BGB, RAB, and Police to ensure public safety and prevent further incursions.

The recent influx of BGP members, including 11 soldiers fleeing from the Dhekibunia camp, underscores the dire situation within Myanmar, as Brigadier General Murshed Alam of Cox’s Bazar-34 BGB reflects on the distressing outcome of the afternoon’s mortar shell explosion and the ongoing diplomatic efforts to address the crisis.

“The commitment to safeguarding the border and preventing unauthorized entries stands firm,” he assures, amidst ongoing efforts to provide relief and safety to those displaced by the conflict.

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