Brig Gen Mahmood affirms army’s pledge to maintain peace in CHT


Brigadier General Golam Mahmood Uddin Ahmed has affirmed that the army’s efforts to uphold peace, harmony, and socio-economic progress in hilly areas will persist in the future.

“The Bangladesh Army always works for the welfare of the country and the people. We all have to remember that the country is above all. We all have to work for the welfare of the country,” he said while speaking as the chief guest at a food distribution event for small ethnic students at the Buddhist Orphanage in Bandarban near Rowangchhari Station on Saturday.

Furthermore, he assured that the Bangladesh Army would continue extending such aid while aligning with infrastructure development, thus contributing to the maintenance of peace and order in the region in collaboration with the security forces.

During the event, Brigadier General Ahmed, who also serves as the commander of the 69th Infantry Division, distributed food and provided Tk 50,000 in cash to 250 small-ethnic students at the Buddhist Orphanage.

Prior to Brigadier General Ahmed’s address, the students showcased various talents, including award-winning dance performances and karate demonstrations.

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