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Mahinda Rajapaksa, who has dominated Sri Lankan politics for nearly 20 years and whose government crushed the Tamil Tigers to bring an end to a long civil war, resigned as prime minister on Monday after intensifying anti-government protests, Reuters reports. In a statement, his office said he was quitting in order to help form an […]Continue Reading
News Desk: Pakistan’s parliament on Monday elected Shehbaz Sharif prime minister after a week-long constitutional crisis that climaxed on Sunday when his predecessor Imran Khan lost a no-confidence vote, Reuters reports. Shehbaz, 70, who has a reputation domestically as an effective administrator more than as a politician, is the younger brother of three-time prime Continue Reading
Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan lost a confidence vote in parliament on Sunday, the speaker of the lower house said, following desertions from coalition partners who blame him for a deteriorating economy and failure to deliver on his campaign promises, Reuters reports. The announcement of the vote’s result came just before 0100 (2000 GMT) after […]Continue Reading
News Desk: Pakistan’s political turmoil deepened on Sunday, when Prime Minister Imran Khan avoided an attempt to oust him and sought fresh elections after dissolving parliament, a move the opposition called treasonous and vowed to fight, Reuters reports. The deputy speaker of parliament, a member of Khan’s party, blocked an opposition no-confidence motion that Continue Reading