Chak Buddhists accused on Missionaries for their act of religious conversion

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[dropcap font=”arial” fontsize=”60″]T[/dropcap]hough the accusation of religious conversion against Missionaries is not new in three Chittagong Hills Tracks (Rangamati, Bandarban and Khagrachari), the sufferers, Tribal choose silence these days. However, Chak (A Tribal Community lives in CHT) Buddhist Leaders finally stepped forward against this conversion. They have sent a memorandum to President through Naingkhachari Upazilla Nirbahi Officer on 29 October this year.


32 Buddhist Leaders singed on the memorandum. The memorandum has also sent including six ministries, human-rights organizations, BGB-Police authorities, Upazilla Chairmen and another Buddhist Society. New converted Christian preacher-children’s name also enclosed with the memorandum. Ideal information center of Buddhist Society- Dhammoinfo confirmed the news.

Source said, tempted to nominal aid by these missionaries, Bangladeshi Buddhist Tribal are converted, Chak Community finally accused after a long wait. Chak are one of the important Tribal in CHT blames against missionaries, local NGOs and International NGOs and the situation comes to the light. Country’s highest authority, The Prime Minister now comes to know this silent wickedness through the memorandum.

In the memorandum, Chak Leaders wanted to tell that little Bangladeshi work on behalf of foreigners spreading Christianity from APAB Head Office and Student Hostel and Sunrise High School of Dataram Chawdhury Street and Kabir Mawlobhi’s house near 2nd Branch of Naingkhachari Upazilla Complex.

It is also mentioned in memorandum that these people converted Chak children for a token money. Children are the easiest target. And the converted are now using abusive terms to attack their religious sentiment. Chak leaders, Chhanu Aung Chak, Bachaching Chak, Nainda Aung Chak, Focha Aung Chak, Aungthoyanching Chak said in a joint statement these conversion may drive the nation lives in CHT to a turmoil of religious riots. Moreover this is against the State as well as International Human Rights. Thus these leaders urged country’s attention on this issue and to take necessary legal action to prohibit these Christen Missionaries activities immediately.

Source mentioned the name of national-international NGO which are proactively worked to convert poor. These are Christian Commission for Development of Bangladesh (CCDB), Advantage Crush/ Cross/ Christ of Bangladesh, Humanitarian Bangladesh, Green Hill, Grameen Unnoyan Sonstha, Karitas, Evangelical Christian Crush, Shanti Rani Chatholic Church, Zainpara Ashrom Uddan, Ashar Alo, Mohamoni Shishusodon, Boishaniyo, TOIMI, which give monthly allowance and weekly foodstuff like rice, beans (Dal), oil to poorer Tribal to convert. These poor converted because they are promised by these missionaries to get financial benefit regularly, the truth is, and missionaries disobey their promises which create dissatisfaction. However, to prevent their own belief, “Indigenous Religion Protection Council’ formation by Buddhists is going on.



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