Devastatingly increase rape in Hills by Tribal: Bengali women are sufferer


parbattanews Report:

Although national and international propaganda make us feel ashamed that Bengali people are rapist and they rape Tribal ladies in hills at Chittagong Hill Tracks, the current picture is not as it mentioned. In fact the current image is almost diverted. Behind these unexpected propaganda, the Poor Bengali women are victimized by Tribal who are lived in CHT.

Barbarian ways of rape and sexual violence on those unfortunate Bengalis become daily incident in hills, the cruelty cannot be described publicly anyway. Many casualties, no justice for these incidents make those rapists more powerful and unbeatable. Anxiety increased in Bengalis in Hills. Getting justice is waning.

After collecting information, data and observe the overall situation and analyze those, parbattaanews find out the below scenario on this issue-

13 June 2012, Kulsum Akter (12), lived in Muslimpara, was gang-raped near South Comilla-Tila at Matiranga. The incident occurred when she was on the way to her home after shopping. Mohon Tripura, suspected one was handed over to the police by locales though three other fled away. A case filed against them by her family. However they all arrested.

9 October 2012, Shamsunnahar (30) was raped at Shmashankhola of Mahalchari. That tribal beat her with his cutlass. However the case still binds with the red-tape.

Shahda Begum aged 55 beaten and raped on 13 July in the same year at Maischari when went at Khisa’s (Khisa is a Tribal community lives in CHT) vegetable garden to collect some daily vegetable. Guljar Hossain son of Shahda filed a case. Labrechai Marma and Mawshing Marma were arrested under this case.

4 February on 2013 15 years old Jannatul Ferdous was gang-raped Tribal at Emang Restaurant near Alutila at Khagrachari. Toward to her friend’s house, Jannat was abducted by a group of Tribal who took her to the restaurant and raped her. She was caged there the whole night. The next day she jumped out through the window to flee away from two-story building and injured badly. Finally she was rescued by police and Bangladesh Army. Restaurant Assistant Rahul Tripura was arrested under this case.

In the same year on February 13th, Mita Sarkar student of Mohalchali Degree College Thalipara was sexually Harassed by Rampru Marma which finally droves to mayhem between Tribal and Bengali young. Mohalchari Zone and AP Battalion controlled the situation. With the presence of Zone Commander, UNO, Upazilla Chairperson, Principle of the College, respected and Rampru Chakma’s Parents, Rampru deponent that he would never do this again.

At the same year on 18 March, Ferdousu Begum (35) was faced sexual violation by Tribal motor-rider Aungchal Marma (32). It is to mention that, Ferdousi rode motor cycle to go to Guimara from Manikchari. On the way of Guimara, Aung tried to rape her but the patrol force was near the spot that saved her and admitted to hospital. A case filed against Aungchal Marma.

On 30 April 2013, Moshammad Hurairah (26) was raped by Mongching Aye Marma (30) at Gururjhiri at Alikadam. Hurairah and Mongching Aye Marma worked at tobacco field. In the absence of her husband, Aye Marma happened this. Army confirmed the news.  Mongching Aye Marma is still surviving in open air as deserter.

29 September in current year at Sadarkhil in Manikchari Upazilla, a seven-year old child Runa Akter was raped by 12 year old Tribal school student, Rajkumar Chakma behind her school building while she was on her way to home after finishing her class. Runa Akter was hospitalized in her dying state. Runa’s mother Kanchanmala filed a case as plaintiff at Manikchari Police Station. However he was arrested on 1 October and now he is in jail.

On 8 April at same year at Alikadam Zone, while Samary Marma (36) tried to take an attempt to rape Bengali house wife Pakhi Akter aged 35, he was badly beaten by Bengalis and Tribal. Bangladesh Army finally controlled the unrest peacefully.

Part of Equal Right Movement Director General Moniruzzaman Monir said when a Tribal raped by Bengali spreading through media becomes huge. When a Bengali raped by Tribal no one recognized. Even though some are arrested in some cases, they have come out of jail. Cases lay into the red ribbon and the tears of those victims never see the light. And in some case, women are not interested concerning of their position and respect in the area.

A fair investigation should be done on this incident. To protect peace in hills and to ensure Bengalis rights in hills, there is no other way but justice.

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