Early Marriage became epidemic at Panchari

child marriege

Shahjahan Kabir Saju. Panchhori Correspondent:


Early marriage, polygamy and fled from own resident became epidemic in Panchari of Khagrachari.


Source said, adolescent became burden to its’ parent. Suicide is the only way to escape for the adolescent girl while they become mother in their early childhood and facing the complexity of adult. Nothing can stop early marriage made by parent, neither the awareness program by government, NGOs and electronic media nor the existing law.

Several cases in Panchhori Upazilla recorded early marriage within a week in a festive mood which is really alarming for the generation born next. Ankhi, Mariyam, Salma, Nasima, Fatema and more are the victim of early marriage. However, known or unknown reason, parent are prepared to give their girl marry to two-times older of the victim. Some have already become mother.

Civil Society said, some misled Kazis’ (who are responsible to register the marriage) register those marriages by black transaction. Not only make the corruption, they are supporting parent in case of any protest come from someone else. These ‘Kazi’s are becoming rich overnight.


Vacant of the post of Upazilla Nirbahi Officer (UNO) is another reason of early marriage. However, society wants to the new UNO will take effective attempt to stop early marriage.




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