Eight firearms, weapons-making materials seized in Naikhongchhari raid


A counter-terrorism unit of the Dhaka Metropolitan Police (DMP) has seized eight firearms and a substantial amount of weapons-making materials during a raid on a hideout in the dense forests of Naikhongchhari, Bandarban.

The raid was conducted on Wednesday evening in the Sagolkhaiya area of Naikhongchhari Upazila, near the residence of Md. Hakim Ali, at a location known as Monirul’s Hill.

Among the recovered items were a pistol and eight locally improvised firearms, 11 shotgun shells, 10 spent shotgun cartridges, a sharp weapon, two binoculars, a gas mask, a charger light, a battery, two walkie-talkies, two chargers, four liters of acid, a sack of plastic, and various other equipment. The raid was led by Additional Superintendent of Police Sheikh Imran Hossain from the DMP’s Counter Terrorism Unit, confirmed a responsible officer involved in the operation.

The officer, speaking on condition of anonymity, told reporters that the site was a terrorist hideout where weapons were also manufactured. The raid followed several days of investigation. Although the terrorists fled upon receiving news of the raid, they were unable to take their weapons and equipment with them.

According to locals, there are more such hideouts in the surrounding areas, with over a hundred members who have been terrorizing the local population and committing various crimes in the hill regions of Naikhongchhari and Ramu. The special operation by the DMP’s Counter Terrorism team has brought much relief to them.

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