Fencidil seized from Panchari


Panchari Correspondent:


From a successful operation at Panchari, Khagrachari police seized 50 bottle of fencidil (a kind of drug) on Tuesday morning. Officer In-charge (OC) Md. Maeen Uddin led the successful operation.

Source said, police was informed by their source that a lot of fencidil was on the way from Pujagang by an auto (a three wheeler driven by rechargeable battery). Police took position at Panchari High School area. Three tribal smugglers were arrested including a tribal woman. Arrested are Somita Chakma (22), Ponkalal Chakma (30) and Ajit Chakma (30). OC Md. Maeen Uddin confirmed the news.

Police files a case against them under Special Power Act 25 (b) at Panchari Police Station, Case Number: 01 Date 11/11/2014.

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