Fierce gun-battle between JSS and UPDF armed cadres in Rangamati; 3 killed including Two rival JSS commanders

gun fight

Staff Reporter:

After fierce gun-battle between JSS and UPDF armed terrorists, 3 shot dead including 2 JSS commanders at the bullet of UPDF men in Rangamati at early hours on Sunday.

On dead of night at 2.30pm, The two rival armed groups began to open fire each other at the areas of Rangapali and Lemuchari under Sadar police station in Rangamati, the sources of security forces confirmed the news. However, Rangamati Sadar police chief Mohammad Rashid said parbattanews that we have heard of the incident. A police team has already set out on the spot. But so far we have not received any bodies. The JSS has so far confirmed the incident. The area was completely controlled by JSS men saying so the spokesperson of UPDF commented that it is outcome of internal conflict of JSS.

The deceased are identified as Suprio Chakma(55) and Moliy Chakma (35), Moreover, a child of 10 years killed at the cross-fire. One deceased used to live at Anandabihar in Rangamati and  Moloy Chakma’s residence is Rangamali of the district. On the other hand,  Aranya Chakma, the child of 10 years, used to live at Shuknachari at Jurajuri upazilla; his father’s name is Sidhon Chakma.

Eye-witness said, the two armed groups exchanged 30 to 40 rounds of bullets. At that time the locals felt serious panic and began to run to-and-fro saving their lives.

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