FLAG MEETING: Myanmar BGP regrets as BGB raises airspace breach, border shelling


Myanmar’s Border Guard Police (BGP) has sincerely expressed regret over the recent shelling inside Bangladesh and the violation of its airspace.

They also assured that such things will not repeat in the future as their (Myanmar’s) internal crisis that led to such things will be resolved soon.

The BGP came up with the assurance at a flag meeting between Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) and Border Guard Police (BGP) at Shahpori Island in Cox’s Bazar’s Teknaf on Sunday (Oct 30).

An eight-member BGB delegation and a seven-member BGP delegation attended the meeting that lasted for three hours.

Lieutenant Colonel Khalid Mohammad Iftekhar, commanding officer of BGB-2 Battalion, led the Bangladesh side, while Police Lieutenant Colonel Ye Wai Soe, Commanding Officer, No (1) Border Guard Police Branch, led the Myanmar side.

The flag meeting had fruitful discussions on the situation arising in the Bangladesh-Myanmar border areas as well as preventing illegal infiltration of Myanmar nationals and drug trafficking.

Commander Lt Col Sheikh Khalid Mohammad Iftekhar told the media that both sides stressed creating an environment of mutual communication, trust, and dependence and acting as such in the future.

The BGB strongly protested against Myanmar’s violation of Bangladesh airspace and shelling inside Bangladesh, he said.

On the heels of the protest, Myanmar’s BGP expressed regret and assured that their internal crisis that led to such a situation will soon be resolved, ending the border tension too, Mr. Iftekhar said.

Just before the meeting was closed, both the BGB and BGP expressed their firm determination to work together for the safety of the border people and keep the border peace and order.

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