Government planning to mull new security policy for Increasing surveillance in CHT

Desk news:

Government is going to take decision that no foreign visitor can travel Chittagong Hill Tracts prior informing to the concerned authority. Incidents like concealing identity frequent traveling may harm the interest to the people living there. UN Special Rapoteour Lars Anders Bear once travelled hills concealing his identity wearing the guise of traveler and took harmful and maligned information and pictures from there and sent them to here and there. Once he put the maligned document before UN body for requesting barring Bangladeshi troops to UN Peace Mission.  These activities in CHT tarnish the image of our country.

Lars Anders Bear once presented report on Chittagong Hill Tracts Peace Treaty that signed in 1997 before UNFPII’s 10the plenary session. The locals and the people related to hills opine that the new regulation may shorten the numbers of travels to hills but there is no way to take this decision. Surveillance is essential for the greater interest of the people and the country.

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