Government work together with Marginalized groups on CHT for development- Nobo Bikram Kishor Tripura


Staff Reporter, Rangamati:


Government will determine to ensure the development of tribal through Chittagong Hill Tracks (CHT) Development Broad, said by Nobo Bikram Kishor Tripura, Chairperson of CHT Development Board and secretary of CHT Affairs Ministry.

As soon as possible government will take necessary action to improve underprivileged people and it will be possible only when a force work all together, he added his chief guest’s speech in an Advisory Committee for Reestablishment of CHT Development Board (CHTDB) on Monday (15 August).

He expressed that the previous governments allocated only 1 Thousand and 16 Crore for 39 year to development. UNDP’s CHT Development Fund allocated BDT. 1200 Crore that came from another ministry for last five year which was used for CHT development through CHTDB. To accelerate these flows, government will increase allocation gradually. Government will give emphasize those areas where the development activities is not started yet, he assured it in the meeting.

CHTDB Vise-Chairperson Torun Kanti Ghos chaired the meeting. Nurul Alam, administrative member of Rangamati District was also presented in the meeting.

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