Gun fight between two tribal terrorist groups at Rangamati


Rangamati Correspondent:

Gunfight has occurred between two tribal terrorist groups in Moon para at Kutubchari, Rangamati, hegemonies expansion this evening. It has been enduring more than one hour which started 4:30 at evening.  At least 150 round bullets charged for the period clash between JonoSonghoti Somoit (JSS) and United Democratic Front (UPDF) terrorist groups.

Hegemonies expansion has being reasoned of gunfight stared at Thursday evening, local people and security force source said. Though there was no official report of causality, local source unofficially said a UPDF supporter died during gunfight.

Sub Inspector of Manikchhori, Zakir Hossain ensured that he has informed about the clash and it last at least one hour. No causality occurred.

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