Gunfight in Baghaichhori to take lead between two armed-tribal neighborhoods

gun fight

Staff Correspondent, Baghaichari (Rangamati):

Gunfight transpired in Baghaichari between two armed tribal groups to take lead last Tuesday at noon 12. Over Hundred rounds bullets charged during the time it starts between two groups, ensured by source.

Local sources said, armed supporters of Chittagong Jonosonghoti Somity took position at Porimal Karbari Para at Pakuijjachori Upazilla. At the same time, opponent group,  MN Larma supported reformers tried to get into the area to take the lead. And both were conquered battle.

At least one and half an hour sustained this clash, however no casualties occurred while hundreds rounds of bullets charged, local forces and security sources said.

Meanwhile, BGB assistant director of Marisya Border Zone immediately visited the location after the gunfight, security force sources said.

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