Gunfight at Manikchari between two tribal groups, one dead


Manikchari Correspondent

A gunfight occurs between UPDF and Borka Party on Monday early in the morning at Lafaidang, Manikchari. A rumor about Borka Party is, it is backed by JSS. Uching Marma pseudonym Babu Marma dies at gunshot. Uching was 22 when he was dead. He was son of Momo Marma.
Police source said, locales of the area concern about their security. Confrontation comes to an end when army and police reached there. The joint force found the dead body of Uchmong Marma from the spot. No arrest or causality from the spot.

UPDF District Unit Coordinator Pradipo Khisa claimed Uchmong as UPDF activist. He blamed Borka Party which is backed by JSS kill him. When four or five of UPDF activists were gathering there including Uchamong, armed terrorists attacked them. He demanded arm force involvement to arrest them.

On the other hand, Jotis Dewan, one of the leaders of JSS denied their involvement in the occasion. Dewan said, this gun fight happened because of UPDF’s internal conflict.

OC of Maniikchari Md. Shafikul Islam confirmed the news. Police found the dead body from the spot and processing to sent it to forensic examine to District General Hospital.

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