Hana Shams, Coordinator of CHT Commission harassed in Bandarban

hana shams

Parbattanews Report:


Badly controversial coordinator of CHT coordinator was harassed in Bandarban. Provokers threw stones on her car to stop her. To stop the attackers, Hana came down from her car and attacked by the terrorist. She was badly beaten with fist-punched and thrown shoes by the terrorist. It happened on Monday 7:30pm, source said.

Source said, Ms. Hana visited Bandarban by bus at Sunday night without any notification. Prof. Nasrin Akter,  Jahangirnagar University was also travelled with her. They stopped their journey at Master Guest House at Sadar. Source also said, morning at 9, Hana Shams attended meeting with head religious leader, Uchh-hala Vante of Ram Jadi Buddhist Monk. The meeting was continued almost 2 hour. But the agenda of the meeting was not disclosed publicly.

However, BGB amalgamated land to establish their new camp was illegally absorbed by Buddhist Monk. A movement against abortion occurred last few months from both side. While this is the situation, Hana’s Bandarban visit made a bad impression to Bangle community and they reacted offensively.

They took the Hana’s recent visit as a conspiracy against Bangali people which was made by her colleagues while they visited Khagrachhori and Rangamati last July. They were also protested by Bangali people toward fear of conspiracy. Though the commission had a plan to visit Bandarban, they violently protested in Khagrachhori and Rangamati made them changing their decision.

After finished her meeting with Buddhist leader and got back to her rest-house, a number of Bangli leaders met with her suggested to leave Bandarban immediately, Hana ignored them and had have her lunch at Miami Hotel. At evening, she visited Nilachal at Bandarban with “Indigenous Movement” leader Melong Khumi. On the way of Milonchhori, she suddenly attacked by 10 to 12 folks. It was happened in between 7 to 7:30 in the evening near Hafezghona. After harassing her, they fled away. People who are responsible are still under the certain.

Though Hana resolute determined to leave Bandarban immediately after attack, she changed her mind and met with Tribal Leaders at night. She will meet the press at Tuesday, responding a question from reporter.

Tension is in Bandarban among Bangali, Tribal and Authority.


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