Home minister announces pincer operation against KNF


Home Minister Asaduzzaman Khan Kamal has announced that strict measures would be implemented against those involved in the robbery of three banks, the looting of arms, and the kidnapping of a bank manager in Bandarban.

He communicated this to journalists at the Bandarban Circuit House after inspecting the Sonali Bank branch in Ruma at 11 AM on Saturday (6 April).

The Home Minister stated that, effective immediately, strict measures would target those implicated in bank robberies and arms looting, and a joint force would undertake a comprehensive operation against these terrorists.

Mr Kamal remarked that the Bandarban Hill District was once peaceful, but armed terrorists have recently engaged in significant terrorist activities, such as bank robberies. This group has previously been involved in several acts of terrorism in different locations. “We will not take these activities lightly,” he emphasized, adding that any potential instigation behind them would be investigated.

Responding to a question from journalists, the home minister mentioned that an investigation would ascertain if there was any deficiency or negligence in managing incidents like bank robberies by any organization. He also stated that should there be any failure by the intelligence agencies in these cases, action would be taken against them as well. During his visit, the home minister inspected the sites of the incidents, including the Sonali Bank and police barracks, and engaged in conversations with the local populace.

Earlier, at around 11 AM, Kamal arrived by helicopter at the Ruma army garrison. He later visited the Upazila Parishad, Ansar barracks, Sonali Bank, and the mosque of the Upazila. Following these, he participated in a discussion with the administration, public representatives, and senior officers of the law enforcement agencies at the Bandarban Circuit House.

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