Human-chain by Parbatta Bangali Chatra Parisad at Khagrachari


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Parbatta Bangali Chatra Parisad (Hill-Tracks Bengali Student Council) organized a human-chain on Saturday at 11 AM in front of Shapla Chattar at Khagrachari demanding to remove the additional clause in CHT Amendment Bill 2014 recommended by Parliamentary Committee CHT Affair. This organization also demanded 7 members and 1 vice chairperson who will be Bengali as per population and this should incorporate in the CHT Amendment Bill after passing it by Parliament.

After successful human-chain, this gathering made a clamor led by Parbatta Bangali Chatra Parisad chairperson Sahajol Islam Sajal. Anyway police of Kharachari create a blockade while the clamor moved forward to head office of Kath-babosasy Somiti (Log-business person Society).

From the clamor, leaders urged, in hill tracks two types of ruling in going on at a time; one in government party’s ruling and another is made by the secretary of CHT Affair Ministry Naba-bikram Kishor Tripura. They criticized that this secretary influenced to change the bill and intentionally try to create discriminate Bengali community.

11 members including chairperson as per proposed bill are Tribal whereas 4 are Bengali. It is openly discriminate Bengali population lived in CHT whereas 52% Tribal and 48% Bengali of total population live in Khagrachai.

The leaders expressed their deep frustration that if the bill pass by Parliament, it would be impossible to live in CHT to Bengali communities because of trial’s ill-practice of power.

They also uttered, it is alarming that there is no elected Parliament member in Khagrachari. That is how the mentioned secretary made an unwanted situation in Khagrachari and continued his conspiracy against Bengali community.

Thus, the leaders urged, immediately government should withdraw the proposed Amendment Bill on CHT and reschedule incorporate with 8 Bengali members including 1 vice chairperson otherwise Bengali community has have no other option but movement. They threatened that if government will not withdraw the bill, Bengali community will call Hartal, Road Blockade, and a strong movement against the Amendment.

Parbatta Bangali Chattra Parisad and Khagrachari District Senior Co-Chairperson Taherul Islam Sohag, General Secretory S M Masud Rana, Organizational Secretory Asad Ullah Asad, Panchari Chairperson Md. Ershad and more attended the human-chain and clamor.

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