In Mizoram, huge fire-arms, ammunition recovered, the destination to supplying is to Chakma terrorists


parbattanews desk:

In Indian State of Mizoram, Asam police along with this state police team in combine carried out a operation against the terrorists and recovered a huge amount of lethal weapons along with huge ammunition.

The joint forces found US-made 7 M-41 Carbine, 1 AK-56 Assault rifle and 500 round cartages in the stock of recovered arms and ammunition. DNA online published this news first quoting Press Trust of India’s news. Police said a youth named Khandipanga(34)was arrested who lived in village of Champhai for alleged carrying the arms and ammunition in view to  supply the Chakma terrorists residing in Chittagong Hill Tracts in Bangladesh.

The arrestee confessed to police that a Myanmar citizen appointed him to do this task and accordingly he marched towards Chittagong Hill Tracts borders crossing Myanmar frontier river Tiao. Police didn’t ascertain where the arms and ammunition was carried to.

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