Indian police arrested 15 Bangladeshi tribal insurgents

tribal terrorist
parbattanews report:
[dropcap font=”arial” fontsize=”60″]15[/dropcap] tribal insurgents were nabbed at Border area by Indian police while they were returning after receiving training in India. On Monday afternoon just at 3.30 pm, Santu Larma led JSS Group consisting of 165 members were returning Chittagong Hill Tracts. Among the arrestees, 3 were women, 10 identified as ‘Chakma’ and the rest Marma. They are all inhabitants of Khagrachari and Rangamati areas, reports different concerned sources.
The sources informed that they entered into the Bangladesh territories in view to carry out a hellious sabotage. In India, they decided to send 17  members to Rangamati and the other 15 activists to `Naraichari’ first who all belong to this little group consisting of 35 members. And that 15 members were caught red handed at the hands of Indian police. A host of observers comment that this drive was carried by India for showing manifestation of two neighbors unfettered friendship while the Indian Foreign Secretary Joy Shankar visiting to Bangladesh.
Sources relating on security forces and local people told they saboteurs took arms training on how to operate any sabotage and how to tackle the counter attack . It alleged that an Indian terrorist group indulged its effort for giving arms training to the youths of bordering district Rangamati for long. The terrorist group is identified as activists of the armed group to a regional Indian political party. The arrestees acknowledged to the police that they are the members of Chittagong Hill Tracts Jana Sanghati Samitee.
While contacted to  Colonel Rabiul Islam Rabi(Signal), Marishya Zonal in-charge of 54, Border Guard Battalion, he confirmed the incident adding that they were planning to enter Bangladesh crossing the borders of Mizoram and Tripura but the Indian police arrested them as non-identified and terrorist elements. He added that The terrorists acknowledged they are the members of SHANTI BAHINI, popularly known as armed terrorists in Bangladesh frontiers.
While contacted to Sajib Chakma,Assistant  secretary of JSS Information and Publicity wing, we found his mobile was switched off. Conscience people opine that repeated separatist arrest incident in Chittagong Hill Tracts is a matter of concern and the concern increasing day by day. Anti security post installing move  instigates those who involved with insurgencies and terrorist activities. The insecure 100 kilometer areas near Marishya should be protected fast as early as possible, they added. In case of whole Hill Tracts, over 200 kilometer areas are now non-protected.
Lt. Colonel Rabiul Islam Rabi told to parbattanews that they also feel threat coming from insurgents that turn the region a insecure region gradually.

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