Inhuman tortures and harassment over a hilly daughter for wedding to Bengali boy in Khagrachari

violence against women

Senior Correspondent:

A hilly daughter, hailed from Marma community, fell in love and married a Bengali youth that triggers the torture, raising levy upon the daughter’s family members. The hilly organizations and local representatives of ingenious people claimed a large amount of money as levy from the family. Even realizing the money, the victims are not able not maintain the peaceful life; torture and harassment perpetuate to them. They are threatened by the miscreants of ingenious people. This sensitive incident happened few days earlier that publish today. The mass are not courageous enough to open up their mouth to speak the truth.

Local sources said,  Umaching Marma(18), a daughter of  thoai Aung Marma, inhabitant of Hafchari village under Guimara police station in Khagrachari district, lives Dhaka on occasion of garments job. She fell in love to a Bengali boy and at last married him. At the end of their conjugal life just after 3 years of wedding, Umaching Marma came to parents house in Khagrachari. Hearing this news, the fanatic hilly organization’s activists along with a host of communal groups’ members came to the Umaching’s parents house and  insistently pressured her to divorce the husband. The daughter did not agree to their opinion that angered the communal and terrorist people.

They confined the daughter in a solitary room and began to beat her along with other tortures they imposed upon her and repeatedly pressurized her to leave the husbands attachment. The daughter later fled to Dhaka for escaping the tortures and met the husband. These notorious elements later arranged a meeting and demanded taka one lakh from the daughters family members. Guimara Thana Oikya Parishad’s law affairs secretary Kong HlaPrue Marma said parbattanews local UPDF leaders created pressure at least taka 80 thousand from the family members. Now the victim family is spending days and nights at threat of life.

They lost appetite to have food for severe fear and tension that prevailing there. Guimara Thana’s Hafchari union’s UP Ward No two former member Ulaprue Marma said UPDF agents female member AungCra mArma, Bana Marma and Thach Praung Marma engaged to realise the amount of money from the poor family that already expressed their inability to pay the amount of money to them. The eyewitnesses said the locality now filled with tension and threats as the local leaders especially the communal leaders always pressure and torture the mass at any way. While contacted over mobile phone several times, no comments from the accused leaders are available.

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