Inside story of refusal to establish Medical College and Technology University at Rangamati


Jasim Uddin Kabir:

Education is the backbone of a nation. People want development which mostly depends on higher education. Thus in the world, it is very rare that people deny to establish Medical College and Technology University in their community. Chittagong Hill Tracks (CHT) is an exception, however. Though, in CHT it is a common scenario that a number of vested quarters never want its development. Now it has become the worst.

What might be the reason? Who are the beneficiaries? What is the socio- political purpose of it? People cannot come to an accord on the issue. CHT is naturally backward in any sense. A vested quarter always use tribal as their shield of committing frauds. Now they are more active.

Higher education in this area was ignored in British era and its coalition. They rather misguide them by raising the issue; who are they? Sometimes they are Tribal. Sometimes they are ethnic. Vassals were strongly opposed to establish educational institutions because they do not want tribal to have a better life-style. Children of head persons and/ or businesspersons also suffered. Very few upper caste tribal children had entrance to higher education. After partition of Pakistan-India, government figured out the ugly truth of the British emperor.

A school teacher, Manobendro Bodhopriyo Larma addressed all these miseries of CHT as well as its caste discrimination so that students could get higher education merit wise. In order to be in the competition with Bengali students, he established tribal quota in education and government service sectors. However, the rules are only in the papers. Irrespective of the caste and class, every student supposed to get these opportunities. But in reality, very few vassals are influencing the regulations.

Manobendro wanted to enlighten this backward population through education. He wanted to build educated people who will work to develop these underprivileged in CHT.

These vested quarters do not want developments, so that they refuse to establish Science and Technology University and Medical College. Educated and self-reliant people are not easy to oppress. So the idea of higher education makes this hideous syndicate nervous.

They are stating if there are opportunities of higher education in CHT, non-tribal people will overcome their authorities on tribal’s lands. Their narrow minded, self-obsessed consciousness is ignoring the fact by birth they are Bangladeshi.

I revere those noble people who had played the pioneer role for higher education in CHT. On the other hand, I despise those who are against higher education for the tribal. We all together must stop their conspiracy against tribal’s higher education.

Jasim Uddin Kabir: Businessperson & former president, Jatiya Parti, Rangamati.


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