JSS set up armed training camps in Mizoram: India media


Parbatya Chattogram Jana Samhati Samity (PCJSS, or JSS), a signatory to Chittagong Hill Tracts Peace Accord, is reportedly again preparing for an armed warfare . This information has come to light through various reports in India media, suggesting that the PCJSS is setting up multiple armed training centres in different areas of the Indian state of Mizoram, for the purpose of military training.

A significant revelation was made in an article published on January 25 in the online version of India’s prominent India Today newspaper. The article titled ‘Chakma rebels from Bangladesh training in Mizoram: Former MNF armed wing’ cited claims by a former armed branch of the Mizo National Front (MNF) that that Chakma rebels from Bangladesh are actively training programmes in Mizoram.

The Mizo National Front (MNF), known for its long history of armed separatist movements in Mizoram, is currently under a peace agreement with the Indian government. In a move to cater to the welfare of its members during the peace accord period, the MNF formed the Peace Accord MNF Returnees Association (PAMRA).

According to PAMRA, Chakma rebels from Bangladesh’s Chattogram Hill Tracts are now undergoing military training in Mizoram’s Lunglei and Mamit districts.

The rebel group is known as the JSS under the leadership of Santu Larma.

It is known that the training is being conducted in two districts of the northeastern state – Lunglei and Mamit.

Additionally, training camps in the Lunglei area have been set up in six distinct locations – Psalms, Tara Banya, Chumochumi, Malchari (family quarters of the JSS Shanti Bahini cadres), Bhalukkyachari and Andar Manek Village.

Meanwhile, there are currently two active camps in Mamit district, one in Silsury village where Alo Chakma and Commander Binand Chakma are in charge.

PAMRA has expressed serious concerns regarding these training activities by armed militant groups, citing potential threats to the security of Mizoram and its citizens. They have urged the state government to take immediate action to halt the training and repatriate the militants.

In the event of inaction by the state government, PAMRA has indicated its readiness to confront these training camps directly.

PAMRA is the former militant group that was fighting for the separation of the state from the Indian Union and gave up their weapons following the Peace Accord signed in 1986 that eventually formed the Peace Accord MNF Returnees’ Association (PAMRA) for the benefit of its members.

Meanwhile, a report titled ‘Chakma JSS terrorists training in Mizoram’ was published by an online news portal, ‘Digital News Daily Mizoram’.

This report, in the Mizo language, confirmed the intelligence findings that the armed branch of the Chakma community’s political organization JSS from Bangladesh’s Chittagong Hill Tracts is receiving training in Mizoram.

Moreover, a press release from PAMRA has been obtained by Parbatta News. In the news and press release, it has been claimed that the armed branch of the JSS, led by Santu Larma, which surrendered through the 1997 peace accord, is receiving training. PAMRA, the Peace Accord MNF Returnees’ Association, has strongly protested this.

Intelligence agencies have disclosed that JSS terrorists are covertly undergoing training in Mizoram. Post-training, it is anticipated that JSS will engage in warfare and destructive activities against the Bangladesh government. Following the revelation of this anti-state activity, Mizoram’s government and NGO organizations are taking measures to stop the activities of the Chakma forces in the state.

Mizoram’s intelligence agencies have confirmed that the areas where JSS terrorists are receiving training are: Salmure in Lulei district, Taraban, Chumchumi, Malchari (family quarters of JSS Shanti Bahini cadres), Balukyachhari, and Andaramanik.

Moreover, the training camps in Mamit district are in Silsury, where Alo Chakma is serving as the company commander, and in Amchari, where Binand Chakma is serving as the commander.

These places are regular venues for training JSS. Santu Larma, the chairman of the Chittagong Hill Tracts Regional Council, Loshel David Bom, Ushatan Talukdar, and leaders of the JSS terrorist organisation are directly instructing.

Intelligence reports also mentioned the JSS terrorist organization has been purchasing arms and military equipment with funds from their regional councils (government project money). In response to these detrimental activities, NGO organisations throughout Mizoram have voiced their protest.

However, as of now, JSS has not issued any statement regarding these reports.


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