KNF shoots man in Bandarban for allegedly failing to pay extortion


A man was shot in Bandarban for allegedly failing to pay extortion money to the Kuki-Chin National Front (KNF).

The incident took place in the Rijuk Para area of Ruma Sadar Union, where Uhlaching Marma was injured by gunfire from KNF members.

Marma, who is from the area, was quickly taken to Ruma Sadar Hospital, with plans to transfer him to Bandarban Sadar Hospital for advanced treatment if necessary.

Witnesses said that early Tuesday, a group of 17 armed people associated with the KNF entered the village.

Their inability to collect the demanded extortion money led to a violent outbreak, including gunfire, targeting the villagers. Amidst the panic, Marma was shot outside his home, they added.

The chairman of Ruma Sadar Union No. 2, Shaimong Marma (Shaibong), confirmed the shooting, linking it directly to the KNF’s extortion efforts.

He highlighted the community’s strong condemnation of the KNF’s actions, which have escalated tensions in the area.

When contacted by Parbatta News, the KNF claimed the operation was against JSS terrorists, accusing them of extortion and disruptive activities.

They alleged that a meeting of JSS members in a jhum house was targeted, resulting in one injury.

The incident has sparked fears of increased communal tension, with reports suggesting that factions supporting the JSS are attempting to misrepresent events to stir conflict, according to the KNF.

The local populace, reportedly affected by JSS’s activities, had sought KNF intervention, the group said.

Following these requests, said KNF’s Military Secretary Lieutenant Colonel Stewart, they have initiated combing operations against JSS terrorists.

Such combing operations are expected to continue, he added.

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