KNF urged to return to normal life


Leaders of various small ethnic groups have urged members of the Kuki Chin National Front (KNF), a regional armed group in the Chittagong Hill Tracts, to end their armed activities.

This appeal came during a Saturday views exchange meeting at the Cultural Institute for Small Ethnic Groups in Bandarban.

Community leaders at the meeting condemned actions by the KNF during ongoing peace talks, citing bank robberies, arms looting, kidnapping, and attacks on law enforcement agencies.

They said these actions have led to the displacement of Bawm villagers, arrests of students and civilians, and district-wide instability.

The meeting was chaired by Kya Shai Hla, convener of the Peace Establishment Committee and chairman of the Bandarban Hill District Council.

Leaders said the Peace Establishment Committee has engaged in significant efforts to facilitate peace talks with the KNF, and the government is working to address the group’s demands and prepare for their potential rehabilitation.

However, they said the KNF’s recent actions have severely damaged the peace process, introduced international complications, and fueled further unrest in the region.

Leaders at the meeting stated that the KNF’s goal of autonomy is not realistic.

They warned that continued armed conflict will only worsen the situation and emphasised the need for KNF chief Nathan Bawm to participate in negotiations to find a lasting solution.

The Peace Establishment Committee expressed commitment to exploring new proposals offered by various communities in hopes of re-engaging the KNF in the peace process.

Peace Committee spokesperson Kanchan Joy Tanchangya, Bawm Social Committee President Lalzar Lom Bawm, Mro Council President Ranglai Mro, and representatives of 12 ethnic groups of the hills also attended the meeting.

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