Magician Alam arrested at Ramgargh

Recovered drugs and weapons


Staff reporter:

A most talked about person Alam magician was arrested with drugs and weapons in Ramgargh on Saturday. During the 2014 World Cup football, Cristiano Rolando, a player ofPortugal was forcibly abstain from participation to the event by this Alam. He at that time, declaring challenge neutralized the magic of Ghana’s renowned magician named KokakoBoneshaker.

Police said, magician Alam is a cheat and narcotic trader. However, Alam refuted the allegation saying that few persons involved with local JAAMAT-BNP made the arrest on conspiracy. But police on having secret information, under the leadership of Officer-in-charge Mainuddin Khan carried out a search at South Garjantali village home of Alam and found him. Police arrested him (Nurul Alam Majumdar alias Alam magician) with arms and narcotics.

Among the recovery, there were 100 bullets, a Air-gun, a Chapati, two big Da, 5 knives, 500 gram domestic wine, 10 piece Yabba tablets, several empty wine bottles and bones for using magic.

OC informed to parbattanews that there had cheat case against him for long and police was searching him to arrest. And he was under police forces observation, later having a secret information the campaign was carried out against him. He was cheating the mass in name of treatment for long, he added.

Alam magician claimed local Abul Hossain along with Jammaat-BNP men made this arrest on conspiracy. There had a dispute on appointing IMAM to the local mosque and they used the dispute here. About recovery, he said, the air gun is his, no doubt in it; but other things were false and fabricated; those things were not from his home, he claimed. He denied his involvement to any cheating case and narcotic trading. Police lodged two separate cases against him with the police station.

In another incident, police arrested 4 youths on suspicion of stealing motor cycle of businessman Abul Hossain in the South Garjantali village. They are pick-up helper Sumon Bahadur Chaity(24), Tomtom driver Main Uddin(22), CNG driven autto-rickshaw driver Joynal Abedin(32) and Motor cycle mechanic Shajalal Mithu(34). Arrestees are claiming they are arrested unnecessary and brought to police station meaninglessly. However, OC said the businessman lodged a case with police station on his stealing of motor cycle. On the ground of allegation, the arrest was made.

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