Malaria erupted with panic in three hill districts


Staff Correspondent:

Last few years in three districts of Chittagong hill tracts, malaria has controlled but it fears people again. Bandarbar is in the top of the list affected by malaria.

District manager of BRAC in Chittagong, Sonjoy Kumar Pal said, the wide spread disease through our neighboring country India, Chittagong-Cox’s Bazar is affected by this disease in the three hill districts. Including Meghalaya and Tripura some of the states of India, has gained wide spread of the disease. He assumed, uneven rain and reducing use of mosquito net may spread the disease. He expressed, in 2014, 39 people affected to death including 11 in Chittagong, 13 Bandarban, 6 in Cox’s Bazar, 9 in Khagracchhori. No death recorded in Rangamati during the period. Civil Surgeon of Bandarban Mong Te Jha also agreed, malaria spread in Myanmar and Tripura recently may cause the eruption of the disease in CHT.

Malaria widely spread in Jinnah Para, Aungsa Kheyang Para, Ray Bagadur Para, Sottomoni Tripoora Para, Ching Thoyai Headman Para of Thanchi Upazilla at Bandarban in last July. Meanwhile, 200 children and elderly in border area i.e. Likre, Andhar Manik, Aung Thoyai Pru Para affected by malaria, claimed by local representatives.

Remacry UP chairman Maliram Tripura informed, almost 50 people have infected at the same time in most of the paras at Singafa Mouja in July running year. Four medical teams are already there to restrain the crisis.

According to Health Department, this year malaria affected people from January to July counted 24 thousand whereas last January to July was near 11 thousand.

In Bandarban, 114 were died due to malaria 2001 which was 16 in 2007-2008. Last year this ratio was barely good. It was one. 12 have died this year. The number of infected patient reached 10,323 this year even so the number in the previous year was 4738.

About Khagrachhori, malaria affected were 2261 whereas in this year this reached 5293. Last year, the number of death were 5, however it is 9 this year.

In Rangamati the positive news is no death recorded due to malaria this year. However, 7848 are already been malaria-affected this year which was 3871 last year.

Establishing that mosquito transmitted malaria grown up massively because of heavy rainfall. Moreover, government provided insecticide-mosquito net with supervision of BRAC to lose its effectiveness. It is also to inform that this insecticide-mosquito net is harmful for bio-diversity.

Problem to identify the malaria-affected patient in three hill-districts is because of inaccessible area. These numbers can be pestilence any time.

Source said, to control malaria, several national and international organizations including UNDP and GROUND start exertion. In three districts in Chittagong, authority decided to distribute 750thousand mosquito net within very short time. At the same time, a committee formed in Upazilla and district level to control malaria.

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