A Marma child raped by her step-father  


Rajosthali Corresponden

A 10-yeard Marma girl was raped by her step-father at Bangal-Haliya Union of Rajosthali Upazilla. Girl’s mother, Thoyama Marma filed a case against her husband Usaching Marma (45). On the basis of her case file, police arrests Usaching from Chandraghona and sent him to court. The girl was admitted to Rangamati General Hospital. Md. Azizur Rahman, Officer In-charge of Chandraghona Police Station confirmed the news.

Police source said, when Thoyama, mother of victim went to her job, Usaching rape the little innocent regularly. “This was not first time”, girl accused.

When Usaching raped the girl for third time, the perpetrator caught red-hand by Thoyama. Thoyama went to Gognu Marma, Chairperson, Bangla-haliya. He sent the girl to hospital. Gongu Marma also confirmed the news.

Meanwhile, Chandraghona OC said the reporter, when Thoyama came to police station; I made an operation immediately after her files and arrest her husband and sned himto Rangamati Court. Case filed against him under Act 9/1 (Case Number: 1/21/11/2014). He also informed that the girl was sent to Rangamati Hospital for primary examination. After the examination report police will take necessary action against the perpetrator.

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