Mizoram police freed the arrested tribal terrorists of Bangladesh

tribal terrorist
parbattanews report:
15 Tribal armed terrorists were freed and entered into the Bangladesh territories on March 2, confirmed by BGB officials stationed at Rangamati hill region. Among 15, 13 are Bangladeshis and 2 are Indian nationals. They were arrested at Catalang under the district Mamit in Indian state Mizoram by police personnel.
The reliable sources said, they were freed just after nabbing and they joined to the other terrorists. The sources told the terrorist elements confessed that they are the members of once declared outlawed Jana Sangati Samatee(JSS) led by Santu Larma. In Baghaichari under the district of Rangamati, Marishya Zonal In-charge of 39, BGB Lt. Colonel Rabiul Islam Rabi ascertained to parbattanews this information. But JSS source did not ascertain it.
Local sources said, a team consisting of 165 members of Santu Larma’s JSS reached Mizoram’s Shalmore on February 2 and received armed training from Military Academy there until February 28. After ending the military academic  training,  sent 45 selected terrorist at Naraichari in Dighinala under a Bangladeshi frontier. Manosh Babu and Indra Babu are team leader to them. They began to start on March 2 by 4 vehicles towards the destination. The three vehicles reached at the Tripura’s Gandachara Rashshebari near Bangladesh border but one not yet reached, the eyewitnesses told this correspondent. The last vehicle was escorted by Mizoram police and the members above-mentioned were arrested, Later the state police freed them and they joined to the main team.
Sources once again added that a 15-member team led by Goldi Chakma alias Indra Babu now waiting at Baghaichari bringing fire arms from Furomon, Harina. The team planned to carry out a massive operation jointly to Bangaltali Gangaram before returning to Naraichari. They are now on patrolling duty at Duluban chara area.
Sources added they shall carry out an operation within few days. Meanwhile the newly appointed two commanders of Santu Larma forces are engage to quarrel each other over their supremacy. The two commanders are Tufan Babu and Barun Babu; they are not ready to give anybody walkover to anybody. Even nobody honor anybody’s command. Seeing this rivalry, the senior commander Pramesh Babu stationed at the same area divided the area as two parts and the two are deployed for each. Right now they are competing each other for go on operation against the Bangladeshi forces. According to the latest information 31 armed terrorists from two groups are now at Dulubanchara of Bangatala.
On March 3 they arrived there. Aga Avinna Babu taking another 13 member-team waiting to advance at lower areas nearby. If we go to aggregating the numbers, we find 45 armed terrorist members from three teams are active for join to drive any other assault. On the other hand, the terrorist arrest incidents one after another in Indian territory creates panic among the general inhabitants of two countries border areas. The conscience people opine that the rising terrorist activities are poised to serious security threat to frontier Bangladeshi people. They demand to heighten the security measure by increasing the security camps in this region overlooking the terrorists oppose to stationing more security camps there.
The Intelligence relating to the different security forces say over 100 kilometer areas of Marishya Zone is unprotected. It stands to 200 kilometer areas across the 3 hill districts which are not protected. The terrorist groups use this area as their free zone and they freely moving this area. The incidents of terrorist nabbing in India tell that how easily they use our territory for spreading insurgencies. When asked whether the terrorists’ such type of activities are to be proved serious threat to our motherland, 54,BGB Marishya Zone In-charge Lt Colonel(Signal) Rabiul Islam Rabi told parbattanews that certainly these activities are a great threatening to our soil. He argues unprotected soil hinders us to trace and address the security issues.
In most of case, we are not able to address the problem for this reason. According to the hilly sources related with security forces, the regional political forces are very much engaged to recruit the youths from three hilly districts Rangamati, Bandarban and Khagrachari and send regularly to outside of frontiers for receiving armed training there. For achieving their target, they chose the deepest forest of two countries frontier areas. The Indian terrorist groups usually train them up and send them to Bangladesh, the sources claimed.

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