Movement in any time to stablish the rights of JummaNation: Santu Larma


Staff Reporter, Rangamati:


“No need to wait for anybody else. There is nothing left but movement to execute Chittagong Hill Tracks (CHT) Peace Accord and ensuring Jommu people’s rights.”, chairperson of CHT Ancholik Porisad Jotirindra Bodhpriyo Larma pseudonym Santu Larma said Tuesday in an inauguration of two-day workshop. He was the chief guest of the inauguration program.

He said, government was forced by the tribal movement to sign in Peace Accord on December 2nd in 1997 after a lengthy process of struggling. The execution of Peace Accord must be ensured by the same way. To ensure the rights of Jammu people need to be turned up the heat on government to coerce in any time, Santu told in the workshop.

He uttered, if we sit idle, we never can usurp our rights. We should not even wait for United Nation Organization (UNO) or similar. Though Bangladesh is a member country of UNO, it has no authority to force Bangladesh Government to execute Peace Accord until the government gives priority on the issue. As Bangladesh is an independent country, it can disobey the recommendation of UNO. Only diplomatic pressure will partly work in this situation. Nothing but rebel is the solution. Thus, he provoked the Jommu people to prepare for the movement.

Adviser of Kapeng Foundation Mongal Kumar Chakma, chaired the workshop. Member of Rangamati CHT District Aungsuipru Chowdhury attended the meeting.

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