Myanmar explosions shake Saint Martin, BGB on high alert


Internal conflict in Myanmar sent shockwaves across the border to Bangladesh’s Saint Martin Island on Friday (March 29th). Residents reported hearing the deafening blasts of mortar shell explosions emanating from the village of Hashyurate, located south of Maungdaw Township in Rakhine State.

The tremors of unease were further amplified by the sight of a Myanmar Navy warship positioned within its maritime boundary in the Bay of Bengal.

Lieutenant Colonel Md. Mohiuddin Ahmed, commander of the Teknaf 2-BGB Battalion, confirmed the warship’s presence, initially spotted opposite Shahpori Island in the Naf River. The vessel later repositioned southwards, strategically placing itself near Saint Martin.

“The volatile situation in Rakhine demands our unwavering attention,” Lt. Col. Ahmed declared. “The Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) has fortified its patrols along the Naf River and the border to ensure the safety of our citizens and prevent any attempts at illegal infiltration.”

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